I support outdoor education leaders to make their greatest impact.

Whether you want to start your own outdoor education program or take your current organization to the next level, I can help you get there -- faster and with more ease.

As a coach, I partner with you to:

  • Discover what holds meaning and purpose for you in your life and work.
  • Create goals that make you feel fully alive.
  • Develop strategies and solutions that move you through obstacles.
  • Gain clarity and focus about what you want and how to get it.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments and victories along the way! 

My coaching sessions are 1-on-1 via phone or Skype - whatever works for you. Coaching works sequentially, so I partner with my clients to create a coaching package that supports them over the course of several weeks, months or beyond.

Want to see if coaching is right for you?


What my clients are achieving

  • Fulfilling lifelong career goals
  • Cultivating a work/life balance
  • Launching a new organization
  • Creating a career doing their ideal work
  • Starting their own business
  • Overcoming money obstacles
  • Building resilient and drama free teams
  • Generating the income they'd love