Carson Chavana, Coal Organizer, Alaska

“After years of working as an activist for change, I’ve seen many friends, coworkers, and peers experience overwhelming defeat and burnout. Moving from Austin to Anchorage and experiencing dark and cold winters for the first time, I became less motivated, easily disheartened and hyper-critical of my lack of productivity. I was not feeling like myself and knew I needed support. Brinkley is a burst of light. She is gentle, welcoming, and presents opportunities for new perspectives with such clarity. Since our sessions have started, I feel more focused and visionary. Working with Brinkley has helped me to tackle my over-analytical tendencies and operate with more grace and a healthier attitude. I’m kinder to myself since working with Brinkley as she is a shining example of true compassion.”



Katrina Djberof, Butte College A.S. Sustainability Resource Center Program Specialist

“In my life I’ve heard of coaching. It was never on my radar. That is, until I met Brinkley, who has blown me away in so many inspiring and joyous ways! I now understand the value of having a coach. It was an absolute treasure having her support me in my journey, mirroring and asking good questions that opened up some doors that truly helped me to help myself bring back to life a part of me that I had neglected for a long time. I needed help and support and I didn’t even realize it! I’m so full of gratitude for myself to be open to the experience of coaching, as well as for Brinkley, who is most certainly an inspiring and supportive ally.” 



"We don’t often realize the potential we hold in ourselves until someone else helps to bring it out. Brinkley’s life coaching allows me to focus my thoughts and energy on what’s important. Her clear guidance makes the process insightful and it becomes more relevant everyday as I strive to achieve my dreams."

Laurel Wolf, Field Organizer, Green Corps

I've lived abroad, put myself through a lot of tough situations, and generally embrace struggle. Before this year, I had never even considered that I might need some help dealing with life’s challenges. But starting a career in social change was the hardest thing I had ever done, and Brinkley’s support has been invaluable to my recognition of obstacles that I was setting up for myself without even realizing it. She’s helped me dig deeper into some of the things holding me back from being a happy and healthy changemaker, and I’m not sure I would be able to do this without her!”


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Laura Mistretta, Field Organizer, Vermont Public Interest research group

"Before coaching, I often doubted myself and felt overwhelmed. I used to be afraid to dream or worry that my dreams were childish and unrealistic. I recognized those tendencies, yet I struggled to overcome them on my own. Coaching with Brinkley has given me the space to embrace that which is truly myself and release that which only serves to hold me back. With Brinkley's guidance, I have come to understand that it takes courage to dream and that I am capable of growing towards a life that I can be wholly proud of."