"We all have incredible visions for our lives. I would love to support you to do what you're here to do."

My Story

In Fall 2013, after five strong years of being an environmental activist and organizer, I reached a point where I didn't have the energy to continue the work that I loved.

I realized the way I was doing my work wasn't sustainable anymore. That's when I started working with a coach. During our sessions, I became rejuvenated with clear action steps and tools to shift my way of doing things. 

Through working with my coach, I started living my life with a sense of ease I hadn't experienced before. Over the next year, I utilized the simple, practical tools from our sessions. I reconnected with what was really important to me, regained my health and vitality, and rediscovered my creativity and energy for making change in the world.  I have now founded two outdoor learning and adventure programs (my dream!) and love supporting people like you to make the difference you would love to make.

We all have incredible visions for our lives. I would love to support you to make yours real.

My Experience

  • Certified through the Academy for Coaching Excellence, an International Coaching Federation Certified program
  • Nature Connect Alabama, Program Founder, Director (March 2017-present)
  • Nature Connect North Carolina, Program Founder, Director (March 2016-present)
  • Coaching for Social Change, Enrollment Fellow (July 2015-present)
  • Miracle Girls, Director, Program Leader, Mentor (Feb 2014-Dec 2015)
  • Weaving Earth Immersion Program (Sept 2014- Sept 2015)
  • Nature Connection Family Camp, Co-Director, Facilitator (June 2015)
  • Vilda Foundation, Youth Nature Program Assistant (Jan 2014 -Mar 2014)
  • Play in the Wild! educator training program (Oct 2013-July 2014)
  • Rainforest Action Network, Campus Organizer (Sept 2013-Dec 2013)
    • Worked on a team that supported students on 60 campuses to campaign the biggest banks to stop financing coal and mountaintop removal mining. Work resulted in Bank of America and Citibank measuring and reporting their financed carbon emissions with the UN Environmental Programme.
  • Green Corps, Field School for Environmental Organizing, training graduate (Aug 2012-Aug 2013)
    • Selected out of over 1650 applicants for the Green Corps class of 2013. Received eight weeks of classroom training on organizational building, media outreach, recruitment, leadership development, strategic campaign planning, coalition building, fundraising, and public speaking.  Field Experience includes:
    • Food & Water Watch, Field Organizer, Peoria, IL (Sept 2012-Dec 2012) Launched the Peoria chapter of the “Let Me Decide” campaign. Built local group with 10 core members and two local coordinators. Organized call-in day with over 180 phone calls into Sen. Koehler’s office. Conducted two lobby meetings and garnered 17 media hits on the campaign, resulting in a commitment from Senator Koehler to introduce a GE food labeling bill in the Illinois Senate.
    • Houston Parks Board, Field Organizer, Houston, TX (Jan 2013-Apr 2013) Coordinated, with two other Green Corps organizers, the Bayou Greenways 2020 campaign. Recruited and developed team of community volunteers who collected over 1,000 petitions and 50 handwritten letters and built a coalition of 30 businesses and groups to show support for the largest park system in Texas. Organized a campaign kickoff meeting with 80 attendees, one of the largest community kickoff meetings in Green Corps history.
    • Fund for the Public Interest, Assistant Canvass Director, Atlanta, GA (Apr 2013-Aug 2013) Helped launch Environment Georgia’s door canvassing operation to raise over $100,000 to protect the parks along the Chattahoochee River. Recruited, trained, and managed a staff of a dozen canvassers.
  • Stop Titan Community Organizer (Mar 2009-Aug 2012)
    • Recruited, trained, and maintained a base of 50 active volunteers and a list of 11,000 supporters. Organized six media events with over 100 attendees at each; organized protest with 275 attendees with a week’s lead time and which generated media coverage from all local television stations (Mar 2011). Lobbied local and state politicians. Initiated and facilitated multiple campaign strategy meetings. Conducted multiple interviews for television, short films, and a documentary.
  • Greenpeace, Campus Leader, Student Board Trainings Coordinator, 2009 Climate Negotiations delegate (Aug 2008-May 2012)
    • Facilitated conference calls and individual trainings for a network of 100 student organizers. Organized and recruited 75 student attendees for weekend training conference.
    • Planned and implemented a three-day petition drive to gather 3000 petitions and three call-in days to generate 275 calls in opposition to offshore drilling. Coordinated three call-in days with two universities to successfully pressure Progress Energy Utilities to terminate their ACCCE membership
  • National Wildlife Federation, Power Vote Fellow (Fall 2010)
    • Organized Power Vote petition drive to gather over 700 pledges to vote and recruited 65 students to attend Power Shift 2011
  • UNCW ECO President and Lead Activist Support, Wilmington NC (May 2009-May 2012)
    • Recruited and maintained group of 50 student leaders and an interdependent leadership team of 10 group officers. Represented the Greenpeace US Student Network as their sole youth delegate at the 2009 UN Climate Negotiations. Lobbied Environmental Minister at US Embassy in Denmark to urge President Obama to sign onto a fair, ambitious, and legally binding climate treaty. Led over 20 student leadership trainings and worked with over 15 different nonprofits.
  • Audubon North Carolina, Environmental Educator and Biological Technician (May 2011-Sept 2011)
  • Bachelor of Science at University of North Carolina Wilmington, Honors Program